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Outcomes in CME-CPD

Guest Editor: Don Moore, Professor of Medical Education and Administration Vanderbilt University School of Medicine; Director, Continuing Professional Development Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Aims and Scope

We are delighted to announce that JECME has published a Special Collection focusing on how outcomes are measured in CME-CPD. Select publications from the Special Collection will be discussed with Guest Editor Don Moore and authors at the 13th European CME Forum, going virtual this year 4-6 November 2020.

Authors were invited to submit a Short Communication article (<2,500 words) detailing how they measured outcomes in a CME-CPD activity designed for healthcare professionals. 

Outcomes in CME-CPD Special Collection

Danny Burke, Eva Hofstädter-Thalmann & Gordon McVie (2020)
Outcome Measures in Online Educational Videos
Journal of European CME, 9:1, 1836867, DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2020.1836867

James Bannister, Mia Neve & Celeste Kolanko (2020)

Increased Educational Reach through a Microlearning Approach: Can Higher Participation Translate to Improved Outcomes?
Journal of European CME, 9:1,1834761 DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2020.1834761 

Anne Jacobson, Cara L. Macfarlane & Eugene Pozniak (2020)
Feasibility of Integrating a Mobile Decision-Support App into a Multicomponent CME Initiative: Developing Clinician Competence at the Point of Care,
Journal of European CME, 9:1, 1834762, DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2020.1834762

Loh Wei Qi, Audra Barclay, Tina Garcia & Lisa Sullivan (2020)
Fostering Interprofessional Patient-centred Collaboration in Healthcare through CPD: Our Learnings from the PARTNER Programme,
Journal of European CME, 9:1, 1834763, DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2020.1834763

Janet Damaske, Wendy Walsh & Jennifer McKay (2020)
CME in the Time of COVID-19: Educating Healthcare Professionals at the Point-of-care and Improving Performance Outcomes,
Journal of European CME, DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2020.1832798

Wendy Cerenzia, Desirae Janowiak, Richie Castles, Annette Triebel, Scott Williams & Megan Becker (2020)
Outcomes in CME/CPD - Special Collection Standardising Outcomes Assessment: Demonstrating the Power of Comparative Outcomes Data,
Journal of European CME, 9:1, 1832797, DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2020.1832797

Alexandra Howson & Wendy Turell (2020)
Qualitative Outcomes in CME/CPD: Exploring Non-Linear Contexts and Lived Experiences in Patient-Directed Interventions,
Journal of European CME, 9:1, 1834760, DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2020.1834760

Katie Stringer Lucero & Pan Chen (2020)
What Do Reinforcement and Confidence Have to Do with It? A Systematic Pathway Analysis of Knowledge, Competence, Confidence, and Intention to Change,
Journal of European CME, 9:1, 1834759, DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2020.1834759

Jason J Olivieri & Mary Catherine Downes (2020)
Outcomes in CME/CPD – Special Collection: Effect Size Benchmarking for Internet-based Enduring CME Activities,
Journal of European CME, 9:1, 1832796, DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2020.1832796

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Article submissions are now closed

Further Information

View the letter from Guest Editor Don Moore for more information and see the Instructions for Authors for general guidelines on publishing in JECME. If you wish to discuss your contribution to this Special Collection, please contact the Editor-in-Chief Professor Robin Stevenson at